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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Upcoming Events

Bear Essential News for Kids
Saturday, October 20th
*If interested, call to reserve your spot, space is limited! Remember it's free and an incredible experience for students who enjoy current events. Learn how to write like a journalist and meet the KVOA channel 4 newscast!
Sign-up form
PARENTS-interested in hosting the Young Reporter's Program as a news club at Walker? See me for details- Volunteers needed!

Geography Locations:
Study while having fun:
Quiz Yourself
Hemispheres, Prime Meridian & Equator Quiz
Treasure Hunt
National Geographic Kids
Copy Cat      GeoBee

Which link is your favorite?  Comment below!


Anonymous said...

Your class is SO AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

hi Mrs.Smith is me Karina how was the field tip?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs.Smith i found a cool game called Brainteasers in